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Guilherme Santana (GuilSan) was born in Goiania in August 13th of 1977. At two years old he got a little toy drum from his father and soon enough started showing interest for the instrument. At six years old he already played in his family local church and as it was expected by the age of thirteen was already a professional drummer.

 In 2003 he embraced the opportunity of living in the USA for two years to deepen his studies.

 As time went by his workload was increasing and so he decided to specialize in studio recordings and due to his work ethic and recognized talent he is today one of the most seeked drummers in this category in his region.

 Requested by big music producers all over Brazil and having recorded with countless artists and bands GuilSan brings in his resume, participation over than 1.500 records on CDs, Eps, Singles, and over 200 DVDs recorded in different musical styles such as MPB, Sertanejo, Rock, Pop, Instrumental music amongst others.

 Besides his unquestionable prestige, GuilSan’s talent can also be seen on the courses that he taught in Brazil like Canto da Primavera and International Curso de Verao in Brasilia.

 Currently he works in his drum and percussion studio were he not only produces work for all Brazil but also part of The USA and Europe. His international recognition was solidified when he became the endorser for the Gretsch Drums, Aquarian Drum Heads, FSA Cajons, and also Liverpool sticks which have a special signature model dedicated to him.

Guilherme Santana

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